Brazil Retreat 2019 – The Cleanses


Between Ayahuasca ceremonies, there will be 3 Kambo/ Sapo ceremonies and 3 Temescal (traditional sweat lodge) ceremonies.  

During the ceremonies, the chiefs will offer Rape (tobacco snuff) and Sananga Healing Eye Drops  

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Kambo is known as ‘the vaccine of the forest’, due to the wide range of its healing effects. When working with this powerful frog medicine many experience a powerful cleansing of negative energies, increase in vitality and decrease of physical and emotional pain.

It is known for treating depression, fatigue, addictive tendencies as well as a wide variety of physical as well as psycho-spiritual ailments. For more info go HERE.


During the ceremonies, the shamans will also offer another one of their medicines- Rapé (tobacco snuff ) to cleanse your energy field and supercharge your intention.

Rapé is traditionally used before and during ceremonies as initiatory spiritual cleansing and activation to help us ground and prepare for the journey and for opening the channels of communication with the spiritual world. For more information go HERE.

TEMAZCAL/ Sweat Lodge

To maximize the deep Cleansing of the medicines between ceremonies there will be three sweat lodges.  Temazcal (traditional sweat lodge) is one of the oldest rituals in pre-Columbian America, symbolizing the womb of the Earth, where we enter for rebirth. Through contact with the 4 elements, the heat, the steam emanated from the hot stones and sacred songs of the Lakota and Mexika traditions, we connect with the forces of Nature and the spiritual world. It is a ritual of purification, blessing, emotional unlocking, and expanding of consciousness.


During the ceremonies with the Yawanawa participants will have the opportunity to experience the Sananga healing eye drops, which have healing power on the physical as well as on the energetic level. They are known to reset one’s energy field and to increase spiritual insight in the minds of those who use them. For more info on Sananga go Here.

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