Brazil Retreat 2019 — The Packages

Brazil Ancestral Medicine Prices & Packages :

Cleanse, Heal, and Come Alive with this Unique Retreat Experience:
Act Fast Discount: $2675 Until Aug 10th

$2875 between Aug 11th and Sept 10th

$3075 after that 

You can pay in full and get the discount or put down the $500 DEPOSIT TO SECURE YOUR SPOT HERE OR on the buttons at the bottom of the EVENT’s Page HERE:

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. The retreat is limited to no more than 20 people, so participants can receive individual attention from the shamans and Meriana.

***Please contact Meriana BEFORE booking if you are on any antidepressants /SSRIs, are pregnant or have any serious medical conditions.***

If you are feeling strongly called to come but are struggling with funds and have a hard time affording the full price, contact Meriana now. She is offering a few partial scholarships to people who are committed to doing the work. Let her know what your situation is and what is the most you can afford and request a scholarship application interview.

Reach out to Meriana by text at +1-415-7133338 and let her know some good time windows for you to speak or email her at

Deep Dive Package- $3175 until Aug 10th 

 This includes INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the retreat from Meriana and the Chiefs for Additional $500

If you want to go a few steps deeper and maximize not only your experience at the retreat but also get additional support in Integrating what has been learned and shifted into your daily Life and Relationships, this Package is for you:

  • 1 Preparation Session with Meriana BEFORE the retreat
    • Help to laser focus Your Intentions
    • Prepare you for your Deep Dive into Shamanic Realms
  • 1 Personal Session / Council with the Yawanawa chiefs during the retreat
    • Personalized Healing, Cleansing and Guidance with two of the chiefs (usually a man and a woman)
  • 2 Integration Sessions with Meriana AFTER  the retreat
    • to assist you to integrate what has been learned and solidify the upgrades experienced into the fabric of your being.
    • It helps solidify what has been learned and integrate it  into a new way of being and creating in the world
    • It offers support from falling into the old habit- loops
      This package is for the ones of you who are committed to making deep and lasting changes and want to make sure they integrate what has been learned into the way they operate in their life back home. It takes from 3 weeks to 3 months to break a habit or form a new one and getting the extra support during that time is very much encouraged.
      Interested in going a level deeper?
      Get the most out of the transformative power of the experience and the expertise of the guides involved and get the extra support during and after the retreat to process and integrate what has shifted into your daily life! 
      This package includes an individual Counsel with the Chiefs at the center and extra support from Meriana before and especially after the retreat.
      Proper Preparation and Integration Support can make a huge difference in making the most out of the experience!

You Can pay for the Deep Dive Package HERE or at the Payment Button towards the end of the Event Page.

If you would like longer support than the Deep Dive package offers, additional sessions with Meriana before as well as after the retreat are available upon request. Contact her to schedule a time to speak!

To go to the main event’s page for the retreat go HERE. The Payment buttons are towards the bottom