Awaken the Goddess Within Global Summit

Last year has been a very challenging year for humanity on so many levels.. and now it is time to learn how to rise like a Lotus out of the mud of ‘unfortunate life circumstances’ and to learn to alchemize whatever is happening in the world around us… to get out of the collective vortex of fear and desperation and learn to use the intensity of those energies FOR AWAKENING .. and learn to make not only Lemonade out of Lemons but Margaritas out of Limes 🙂

Some seeds need extra water to germinate .. and other seeds need fire to open .. so let’s learn how to use whatever circumstances Life presents us with as instruments to deepen our inner Divine Connection and learn to live as a living representation of the Divine in Form!

So honored to be speaking alongside Neale Donald Walsch , the author of Conversations With God and so many other cutting edge spiritual leaders!

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Would you like a life line of support?
Are you ready to awaken consciousness?
And would you like some tools that will help support your awakening journey?
The great awakening is happening now and it is so important to have tips, tools, and wisdom to help guide your spiritual awakening journey.

Schamet Horsfield (Light Leader, Transformational Practitioner, & Priestess) has known since she was a little girl that she came to earth to help guide humanity through this period of great transitions. Schamet had a premonition a few years ago about creating a life line of support to help humanity awaken consciousness.

She has Manifested this vision into reality as she has brought together over 30 of the most powerful transformational practitioners, New Thought leaders, Well known Authors, Healers, therapists, Priestesses, Clairvoyants, and Light Workers to share their wisdom and give you tools for your awakening journey.

I’m so excited to share with you a powerful interview series that I am honored to be a part of with 32 transformational experts.

Hosted by Schamet, the ‘Awaken the Goddess Within’ global summit will inspire, educate, give you tools to support your awakening journey, awaken consciousness, ignite your passion into purpose so you may step into your power, align to your soul purpose & become the person YOU came here to BE!

On February 5th – 13th, join us for nine days of transformational conversations that will awaken consciousness, connect us with our heart, & bring us “En-LIGHTenment”, & joy!

Neale Donald Walsch (author of Conversations with God), Anodea Judith (author of Eastern Body, Western Mind), and many experts in their field converse about the awakening journey, God, Goddess, the divine feminine, Priestess activations, energy healing & activation, chakras, channeled wisdom, meditation, yoga, womb healing & conversations about Mary Magdalene, and many tools to help support your awakening journey as we energetically awaken to the new paradigm.

It’s time to awaken the Divine Within!
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