Empower Your Inner Shaman – Toolkit to Inner Space @ Oregon Eclipse

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On Sat, Aug 19th 2:30-4pm
At the Wellness Oasis & Classroom

So many of us today who are curious to deepen our experience of ourselves and the nature of reality and consciousness, who practice yoga, meditate or go into Medicine Work, breath-work, or whatever other technology for expanding consciousness, soon realize the experience of altered state of of many kinds. Although those experiences can be some of the most powerful ones in people’s lives, we get barely any guidance how to hold them or navigate them in a save and growth ( & fun;) promoting way.

When it comes to Inner space and to exploring the different dimensions of our experience, we are often conditioned to feel that this is for indigenous shamans, or trained mediators or spiritual teachers, and forget the power of our own connection to source and it’s power. Expanded states come with their own ‘superpowers’ as well as potential pitfalls. Psychotherapist and Peru retreat organizer Meriana Dinkova will share some of the psycho-spiritual and neo-shamanistic tools from the system she has developed for Preparation and Integration of Inner- Space Experiences. It is designed to give your inner shaman, spiritual seeker, or yogi a whole different twist of choice when it comes to engaging wit experience.



mftpic colorMeriana Dinkova is a San Francisco & LA based psychotherapist and workshop facilitator as well as Medicine Work retreat organizer. She has developed a unique system of psychological and neo-shamanistic inner-space navigation tools, designed to teach people to navigate and integrate strong transpersonal or psychedelic experiences especially with Plant Teachers.
t is designed to optimize the healing, insight and spiritual growth they can provide and is especially valuable for anyone experiencing the medicine for the first time.
She organizes Ayahuasca retreats to Peru, in which she combines her work with the Medicine work of experienced shamans.
She gives lectures and teaches workshops in the US around the world, speaking about her system ‘Navigating Altered States’ at conferences and festivals including MAPS, the International Amazonian Shamanism Conference in Peru, The Women’s Visionary Congress in California, the Breaking Convention in London, the Tantra Festival in Hawaii and the Envision festival in Costa Rica.
If you want to widen your psychonaut skill set, but can’t make it to one of her retreats, you can also work with Meriana through Skype. In her Journey Preparation & Integration packages she gives people worldwide the opportunity to get personalized support in navigating and integrating their personal journey work with Ayahuasca or with other teacher plants or substances. For more info about her upcoming Peru retreats go to: http://merianadinkova.com/events/category/retreats/

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