Extended Full Body Orgasm – Live Demo & Mindfulness Practices

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Extended Full Body Orgasm

  with Meriana Dinkova and Erwan & Alicia Davon 

Friday, Aug 17th; 7:30-9:30pm @2501 Harrison St (#015) in SF

For more info and to prepay go to the  Meetup Page

What most of us associate with Orgasm is seconds of deep pleasure, release and the post- release relaxation and joy. Even in multiple orgasms the way most people experience them is getting aroused and ‘reaching’ orgasm again and again in irregular intervals

With Full Body Extended Orgasm the whole experience is an ongoing state of orgasm. We don’t reach ‘an’ orgasm, we go into the state of Orgasm and let go into it.

Psychotherapist and Relationship Coach Meriana Dinkova and Sexuality and Intimacy educators Erwan and Alicia Davon will distinguish the practice of Extended Full Body Extended Orgasm.

They will also do a live demonstration of a woman in as state of Extended Full body Orgasm being brought there by her partner, and experiencing it in front of the group (there will be genital exposure of her, so you can see the techniques as they are being practiced and as it is being explained what to do and from what place to experience it for that kind of magic, so come of you are comfortable with a life demonstration taking place.)

Price: $30 if prepaid on Meetup  before 9pm on Thur, Aug 16th; $35 after that; $35- $45 sliding scale at the door
The space has capacity for up to 45 people and those meetups have always sold out in advance in the past, so it is advisable to prepay in advance to secure your spot.

Calculate 15- 20 min for parking. Buzz #015 at the building door- make sure to arrive before 7:45 – it will be an intense event with a high- energy presentation and we would like to keep the energy contained:)

Address:    2501 Harrison St (#015) , San Francisco; calculate extra 15- 20 min for parking.

There will be no nudity or sexual touch between participants

Singles and Couples are welcome.

 The demonstration will show and explain the principles and techniques for bringing a woman to a Full body Extended Orgasm. A lot of the principles and techniques to bring and keep a man there are the same. The differences will be addressed and explained. (there will be no demo on male extended orgasm)


Meriana Dinkova is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MTF Lic#45696) and Life- and Relationship Coach in private practice in SF , in Oakland and over Skype. For the last 23 years she has studied and practiced a variety of tantric, meditative and therapeutic methods involving the connection between spirit and body and the ways our attention influences our experience, particularly in the realms of connection, mindfulness and  sensuality. She works with individuals as well as with couples. She also leads Medicine plant Retreats to Peru, in which she combines her work with the work of experienced shamans. She also organizes Plant Medicine in Peru, in which she combines her work with the medicine work of experienced shamans. For more info about other upcoming retreats go to go to: www.merianadinkova.com

Erwan Davon has taught thousands of singles and couples how to have exceptional romantic relationships over the last 17 years. He is the founder, senior teacher, and president of San Francisco based Erwan Davon Teachings.Erwan, who grew up in New York, has a straight talking style that gets through to anyone so you can see your blind spots in relationship and then take your romance to new heights.

He graduated with a degree in psychology and soon began teaching personal development for one of the world’s largest personal growth organizations. He then branched out on his own to support people in their relationships, and in 1993 founded Beyond Education, which later became Erwan Davon Teachings.

Thousands of people have taken Erwan’s Pleasure Course and advanced programs to move past their limitations in relationship and make their romance shine. For more info go to erwandavon.com
 Alicia Davon has been giving relationship advice in the Pleasure Course with Erwan since 2004. Alicia graduated with a Masters in the field of Integral Psychology from John F Kennedy University, with a focus in women’s romantic and sensual expression. Prior to teaching the Pleasure Course with Erwan she was a facilitator of women’s groups devoted to female libido, pleasure, and fulfillment in all aspects of life from career to relationship. She was drawn to the “work” of Erwan Davon Teachings because of the enormous difference the organization had made in her life and the lives of so many around her.erwandavon.com/










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