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Come to this fun and engaging evening and learn new ways to ignite the spark between you and a potential lover as well as how to re-ignite or keep it burning with a long-term partner.

Join psychotherapist and Dating- & Relationship Coach Meriana Dinkova and Relationship & Sexuality Coach Alicia Davon on this journey of exploration of the codes that make our hearts, minds and bodies tick.

Location: 2501 Harrison St, San Francisco, Ca

Price: $20 until 9pm on Thur, May 11th; $25 there after; $25-35 at the door

You will learn different ‘code- combinations’ to create turn on as well as romantic attraction in someone and how those combinations are often very different on a first date, in the first months of a relationship as well as years or decades into it.

Come and learn:

-Where that “spark” between 2 people comes from in the beginning of relationship….and why it tends to decrease
-How to deliberately and reliably increase chemistry between you and another person at first and over time
-How to fine- tune the kind of spark you create depending if you want to turn someone on, open their hearts or engage their fantasies

The Facilitators:

Meriana Dinkova is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MTF Lic#45696) and Dating- and Relationship Coach in private practice in SF, in Oakland and over Skype/ FaceTime. For the last 21+ years she has studied and practiced a variety of tantric, meditative and therapeutic methods involving the connection between spirit and body and the ways our attention influences our experience, particularly in the realms of connection, mindfulness and Sexuality. She also organizes Plant Medicine in Peru, in which she combines her work with the medicine work of experienced shamans. For more info go to: http://www.merianadinkova.com

Alicia Davon has been supporting singles and couples in their love and sex lives with her husband Erwan since 2004.

One of Alicia’s specialties in her work is supporting singles and couples to create what’s called an “Eternal Date”, which is a romantic relationship that reaches higher and higher peaks of intimacy and sexual attraction over time.

Prior to partnering with Erwan, Alicia graduated with a Masters in the field of Integral Psychology from John F Kennedy University, with a focus in women’s romantic and sensual expression. She was also a facilitator of women’s groups devoted to fulfillment in all aspects of life from career to relationship.

She was drawn to the “work” of Erwan Davon Teachings because of the enormous difference the organization had made in her life and the lives of so many around her.For more info go to: www.erwandavon.com


Meriana Dinkova has created SEX MAGIC, a monthly workshop series in which we will share and play with some conceptual and technical tools designed to strengthen our erotic presence, deepen awareness, and enhance pleasure & connection during an erotic or sexual encounter.
To each meeting I will be also bringing different co- facilitators- speakers, sexuality experts and workshop leaders from related ares.

We are excited to open our toolboxes, which we have created in many years of studying and practicing a variety of approaches to influencing, attuning and aligning mind and body. We are also curious what new tools will come to life through your participation. There is a Sex Magician in every one of us.

SEX MAGIC is a combination of external techniques and internal practices. Most of them are aimed at heightening our ability to feel into the intricacies of our experience, to influence it’s quality and to strengthen our presence. We will also show some of its uses in uncovering, evoking and embodying erotic archetypes. They can be valuable and exciting allies for heightening sensitivity, strengthening awareness, sexual healing and for widening the range of erotic play.

This monthly event is meant to be a laboratory for diving deeper into the fabric of human experience and the energies of intention, bliss and presence. We will experiment with different ways of using these energies as vehicles for consciousness exploration.

Through lecture, sharing and exploratory exercises, we will journey on a discovery process that will deepen our erotic self and strengthen our ability to use different aspects of our consciousness to bring more awareness, richness and pleasure in our life.
I will be inviting expert teachers on related subjects such as tantra, sexual artistry, female ejaculation, multiple orgasms, orgasmic meditation and more.

Come solo or with a partner, but come prepared to discover new ways to make your experience magical!

What participants are saying about previous Sex Magic Meetups:

“ Excellent! Ali and Meriana are experienced, skillful, delightful, and playful. They created and held a safe space for me to experience and explore. I felt safe. Many somatic processes are intentionally established. Big deal for me, since personally I don’t value the teaching from the “head”.
David Song

“ It was a lot of fun! I’m learning a lot from meeting people of different walks of life. Loved the game! ”

“ A fascinating look into sexual energy (and energy in general). Meriana’s honesty about herself was not only touching but created a comfortable environment for listening and sharing. ”
Steven Ross

“ Oh listen, I keep unfolding wonderful thoughts about my experience of opening up, sharing, and encountering people willing to share confusions and fears about meeting the opposite sex , and exploring the energy between people and my own identity as a sexual being. The leaders were supportive, and gave interesting departure points from which to explore our sensitivity and archetypes and paradigms. They encouraged everyone and showed us how to begin. I feel a new world of self- understanding and self-questioning can be opened up by participating in this workshop. Lets continue! ”
Emilie Kemlo

“Great workshop with enthusiastic hosts and positive energy. Meriana is excellent at helping people quickly see their “edge” or where they are engaging in behavior that is limiting themselves from the relationships that they might otherwise enjoy. I hope to attend additional workshops organized by Meriana and/or her co-facilitators!”








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