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I am a licensed California Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT). The title Marriage and Family Therapist is a little misleading, since it seems to imply that most of what a MFT does is working with couples and families. In reality the biggest part of most MFT’s work is with individuals and couples. The term marriage and family therapist effectively refers to the extensive specialized training we receive in couples, family and child therapy as well as individual therapy.

I also work as a Life – and Relationship Coach and as a Dating Coach.
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I am offering help and support if you feel the desire or need to work on:

1.) SELF:

  • feeling stuck and need a ‘reboot’.. either in your life or in your relationships
  • experiencing lack of confidence in yourself and are held down by self doubt and self- criticism
  • feel that you are not adequately fulfilling your potential
  • often feel overwhelmed and anxious and sometimes unable to cope
  • experience an underlying sense of sadness or chronic dissatisfaction
  • seeking more balance or integration of your spirituality and your every day life
  • experiencing doubt and conflict about something very private and personal to you that for whatever reasons you don’t wish to discuss with the people close to you.


  • experience difficulty initiating or sustaining relationships or are repeatedly drawn into unhappy or unfulfilling partnerships
  • are in a new relationship and would like support in building a strong healthy foundation for it
  • are dealing with relationship difficulties, whether they come up with your partner, a family member or a colleague and need help with some of the challenges arising in it.
  • are in a non-monogamous relationship and are looking for support and guidance around the specific issues arising in open or polyamorous relationships


  • finding it hard to come to terms with life changes or deal with transitions such as leaving home, changing a career or place of residence,  change in physical health or marital or economic status.
  • have a hard time dealing with a relationship loss (for whatever reason). If you lost a loved one, recently or long ago, and are feeling stuck in your grieving process
  • would like support with issues connected with being bicultural, or living in a culture other than your native one

  If you live in an area where it is difficult to find a counselor you feel a connection with or someone who is grounded both in the classical Western therapeutic approaches,  as well as in Experience- based approaches (Hakomi, RCS) and who also has a  spiritual foundation you might want to consider therapy/ coaching by phone or by Skype.

 Call for a free initial consultation to learn about my work or to discuss the possibility of our working together in this way.

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Meriana Dinkova

Psychotherapist (MFT #45696), Life Coach, Dating -and Relationship Coach and Journey Preparation & Integration Guide