If you can’t make it to one of my retreats to Brazil or Peru, but would like to learn my system of psychological and neo-shamanistic inner space navigation and integration tools for your own journey work, you can schedule preparation and integration work with me in person, at one of my offices, or on Skype, Facetime, or Google Hangouts.


Over the last 20+ years, I developed a comprehensive toolkit to help people navigate and integrate strong psychedelic experiences in general and the Ayahuasca experience in particular. It is a system of psychological and neo-shamanistic inner space navigation tools, which I have been teaching since 2013 at my retreats as well as at conferences, festivals and podcasts in the US and internationally.

If you feel called to know more and to work with me and have an experienced guide and co-pilot to help you navigate the shamanic realms, contact me now and let’s find out what kind of support would benefit you most.

I offer individual sessions as well as Preparation and Integration packages.

If you prefer doing an individual retreat and would like the extra support, you can speak with me about traveling together to Peru, Brazil or to other places where Medicine Work is legaland working with me as your private guide into Inner Space. Contact me for more information or if you have any questions.

I don’t offer Medicine Work myself and my focus is providing support before and after Medicine Journeys and work with different shamans and practitioners in States and countries where Medicine Work is legal.

Preparation & Integration Package:

 3 sessions for $450

– Session One - Designing Your Personalized Tool Kit

In this session, I will get a sense of what you are hoping to shift or expand, your experience level and personal style. Together we will explore how to use your journey to align and supercharge your being and I will teach you the tools that can benefit and deepen your experience the most.

– Session Two – Custom Building Your Inner-Spaceship:

In this session, we will focus on fine-tuning the tools and techniques to your goals and personality. Crafting your intention to optimally aim at the manifestation of your desired result.

– Session Three – Integration

In this session, we will build bridges between what got experienced in the journey space and who you are and ‘how you roll’ in your everyday life. It is often the most important variable between having an experience that changes your life and sense of self, versus experiencing some trippy and touching stuff at a ceremony once upon a time:)


A lot of people share that some of the strongest and most meaningful and transformative experiences of their life have been on Ayahuasca or a different psychedelic. On the other hand, after drinking for over 20 years and having experienced the work of a large number of shamans on 5 different continents, I continue getting amazed and disturbed by the lack of information and guidance people are getting about how to be with the experience itself. Before the ceremonies people are usually given detailed instructions on how to hold and respect the ritual – the structure of the ‘divine without’, but are not told much about ways to call in and evoke the divine within. There is a lot of information on picking the right shaman and finding the right healer, but barely any on how to tune into your inner shaman, or on how to listen to and operate from your inner healer.

People, who want to optimize their experience and make sure to have a safe journey can usually find a lot of info on meds and foods to avoid but barely anything about how to recognize and heal psychological and emotional malware. We are not told how to prevent going down a potentially destructive rabbit hole or getting hijacked into a ‘bad trip’.

Knowing how to prevent going there and having the tools and awareness to navigate the experience if we find ourselves in difficult places, can prevent us from getting potentially re-traumatized and can foster accelerated healing instead. Difficult experiences often carry immense potential for accelerated growth if we know how to be in them in a way that allows that.


Meriana Dinkova is a psychotherapist (MFT#45696), Life- and Relationship Coach, Workshop facilitator and  Ayahuasca retreats organizer in Peru and Brazil.

As she was doing Medicine work with a number of different shamans all over the world since 1995, she was disturbed by how little people are told about how to navigate and integrate strong psychedelic experiences and especially Ayahuasca, and developed her own unique system of psychological and neo-shamanistic inner space- navigation tools.

She has been teaching her system at her retreats and speaking about it at Conferences, festivals and podcasts in the US and internationally.

Her system is very beneficial for psychonauts with all levels of experience and is often invaluable for first-timers.

If you can’t come to one of her retreats and are doing or interested in doing your own journey work and feel called to work with Meriana and learn how to use her system and enrich your experience, she also offers Preparation and Integration sessions over Skype and FaceTime.

Meriana has been teaching workshops on ‘Navigating Altered States’ since 2012, and since 2013 she has been organizing and leading retreats to Peru, which combine her system and psychotherapy work with the work of experienced shamans.

Participants of the retreats, as well as a lot of people who have learned some of her tools at conferences, festivals and through podcasts, have reached out to share what difference having and applying the tools has made in their experience. A lot of them found them extremely valuable when navigating and learning to be with or switch between different aspects of their experience- from the ecstatic and divine to the difficult.

She has done speaking engagements and workshops about ‘Navigating Altered States’ at the International Amazonian Shamanism Conference in Peru, at the Women’s Visionary Congress in California, at the Breaking Convention in London, the Psychedelic Science Conference/MAPS in California, the Exploring Psychedelics Conference , at the Tantra Festival in Hawaii, at the Envision Festival in Costa Rica, at Burning Man other festivals and venues.

She has also spoken at a number of Podcasts like the Psychedelic Salon and In A Perfect World.

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Meriana Dinkova

Psychotherapist (MFT #45696), Life Coach, Dating -and Relationship Coach and Journey Preparation & Integration Guide