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Embark on a Psychospiritual Journey into Wholeness with Shamans from the Deep Amazon from the Tribes of Yawanawa and Huni Kuin!

Join us at this Life-Changing retreat with Psychotherapist Meriana Dinkova and experience Accelerated Healing and Profound Psychospiritual Transformation through the unique fusion of Authentic, Traditional Medicine Work and Modern Psychology

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Shamans from the YWANAWA and HUN I KUIN tribes are coming from the deep Amazon jungle to the beautiful Akasha retreat center in the mountains near Rio de Janeiro to share their Wisdom, Ceremonies and Medicines with us

Living deep in the Amazon jungle far away from modern civilization, the Ywawnawa have been able to preserve their ancestral knowledge. Only recently some of their Medicine men and women have started to leave the jungle and share their ceremonies with the world and it is an honor to be able to work and pray with them.

A video says a thousand words- check out this video of the retreat center and some heartfelt testimonials from previous participants of retreats therewith the elders from the tribes: https://vimeo.com/336713644

Every pathology of modern man stems from his estrangement from nature”.   Carl Jung

A video says a thousand words- check out this video of the retreat center and some heartfelt testimonials from previous participants of retreats therewith the elders from the tribes: https://vimeo.com/336713644


Come, Ground into the Earth and Commune with Nature. Experience Transcendence and connect with the Wisdom and Guidance of the Medicine Men & Women from some of the most Ancient and Authentic Traditions of the Amazon!

We will unite in ceremony and prayer in a safe, sacred container surrounded by pristine nature with waterfalls and swimming holes.

Experience 4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies with the tribal elders and Reconnect with
Spirit through their Ancestral Medicines and Exceptional Musicality!

The shamans will also share with us other Medicines from the Amazon: KamboRape, and Sananga. They will clear your inner vision, remove energy blocks and open the way for Ayahuasca. 


Link to some of the traditional songs:

Sound and Music are some of the strongest tools the tribes use to Heal and connect with Spirit.

The songs of the Yawanawa are melodic, opening the gates to the celestial realms, while the songs of the Huni Kuin are more rhythmic and full of Information Codes designed to align our being, heal, remove unwanted energies and reconnect with Nature, the Earth, and the Elements

Ayahuasca has been called ‘Psychotherapy on Steroids‘, since sometimes in one night one can experience healing and transformation comparable to 10 years of psychotherapy. This is especially true when these Two potent transformational modalities are combined;)

The powerful impact of these ceremonies will be translated, amplified, and cemented through daily transformational workshops with Meriana, designed to help you navigate the shamanic landscapes, and make the most out of your medicine journeys. You will learn& practice the unique multi-modality system of psychological and psycho-spiritual tools Meriana has developed over the last 20+ years for safely navigating the experience. You will also learn how to Integrate what has been learned into your daily life and the fabric of your being. Having a map and a toolkit for the shamanic realms is beneficial for people of all levels of experience and invaluable for people drinking for the first time.


There will be 4 Ayahuasca ceremonies – 3 with the elders of the Yawanawa tribe and the 4th one with the Huni Kuin.

The 4th ceremony is a part of a bigger event and participants will get the opportunity to experience praying, singing and dancing as a collective, celebrating Life with people from all over Brazil


This Retreat is unique in that not only are you diving into your depths with Ayahuasca to shapeshift your reality, you also have the opportunity to experience other Medicines and cleanses from the Amazon, which will help your Ayahuasca experience immensely.

DURING the ceremonies, the chiefs will offer RAPEa (tobacco snuff) and SANANGA Healing Eye Drops.

BEFORE AND BETWEEN Ayahuasca ceremonies there will be:

  • 1 Morning Purification ceremony to prepare for the Aya journeys
  • 3 KAMBO / SAPO Ceremonies – with a frog secretion with powerful healing and cleansing effects; the ‘vaccine of the forest’ (see below)
  • 2 TEMAZCAL /TRADITIONAL SWEAT LODGE Ceremonies- a ritual of physical and spiritual purification and expanding of consciousness


Kambo is known as ‘the vaccine of the forest’, due to the wide range of its healing effects. When working with this powerful frog medicine many experience a powerful cleansing of negative energies, increase in vitality and decrease of physical and emotional pain.Kambo helps people to purify and find their true path. It helps them to remove distortions or stuck energies which block them from their higher consciousness. It helps people to awaken and to blossom into a higher expression of themselves. Simply put, Kambo acts as a catalyst in the development of the human spirit.It is known for treating depression, fatigue, addictive tendencies as well as a wide variety of physical as well as psycho-spiritual ailments. For more info go HERE.


During the 
ceremonies, the shamans will also offer another one of their medicines- Rapé (tobacco snuff ) to cleanse your energy field and supercharge your intention.
Rapé is traditionally used before and during ceremonies as initiatory spiritual cleansing and activation to help us ground and prepare for the journey and for opening the channels of communication with the spiritual world. The shamans apply the ancient medicine of “rapé”, a blend of tobacco and ashes from the bark of specific trees, by blowing it in each nostril.

TEMAZCAL/ Sweat Lodge

To maximize the deep Cleansing of the medicines between ceremonies there will be three sweat lodges.  Temazcal (traditional sweat lodge) is one of the oldest rituals in pre-Columbian America, symbolizing the womb of the Earth, where we enter for rebirth. Through contact with the 4 elements, the heat, the steam emanated from the hot stones and sacred songs of the Lakota and Mexika traditions, we connect with the forces of Nature and the spiritual world. It is a ritual of purification, blessing, emotional unlocking, and expanding of consciousness.


During the ceremonies with the Yawanawa participants will have the opportunity to experience the Sananga healing eye drops, which have healing power on the physical as well as on the energetic level.
They are known to reset one’s energy field and to increase spiritual insight in the minds of those who use them. 

TEMAZCAL/ Sweat Lodge

To maximize the deep Cleansing of the medicines between ceremonies there will be three sweat lodges.  Temazcal (traditional sweat lodge) is one of the oldest rituals in pre-Columbian America, symbolizing the womb of the Earth, where we enter for rebirth. Through contact with the 4 elements, the heat, the steam emanated from the hot stones and sacred songs of the Lakota and Mexika traditions, we connect with the forces of Nature and the spiritual world. It is a ritual of purification, blessing, emotional unlocking, and expanding of consciousness.

Upgrade your Operating System, Debug your Emotional Body, Reformat your Being and Activate your Inner Guidance in alignment with your deepest Purpose!

Some of the most common experiences in Meriana’s retreats have been developing Self Love, reconnecting with a deep sense of Purpose and letting go of patterns of Anxiety, Depression and Self Sabotage.

Ceremonies and Activities Included:

  • 3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies with the Yawanawa
  • 1 Ayahuasca Ceremony with the Huni Kuin
  • Morning purification session before the first ceremony
  • 3 Kambo Ceremonies
  • Rape and Sananga during Ayahuasca Ceremonies
  • 2 Temazkal (Traditional Sweat Lodges)
  • Face and Body Painting before ceremonies
  • Herbal Sauna
  • Nature walks to the Waterfalls and Swimming Holes
A comprehensive system of Support, Workshops, and Teachings is provided for the optimal experience of the Medicines and for Integration of what has been learned into your daily life:
  • Tools & Workshop on Tools for Navigating Altered States with Meriana
  • Spiritual Teachings and Storytelling Circles with the tribal leaders
  • Pre-and Post Ceremony Workshops with Meriana
  • Individual Support by Meriana and Personal Support and Counsel by the Shamans Upon Request (see Deep Dive Package)
  • Yawanawa Ceremonial Support- the chiefs will go into trance, go around the circle and feel into each participant. They will cleanse each of us with feathers, sound, and smoke.
  • Integration Workshop with Meriana
International Airfare is NOT included

Wield the potency of the shamanic and modern tools of Transformation! Bring your Unique Thread to the Mesh as we Weave the Future with Prayer and the Focus of our Intention!


This Life-Changing retreat, with its unique fusion of cutting edge Psychology and authentic Medicine Work is a journey towards true PSYCHOSPIRITUAL MATURITY– the Wholeness, arising from balancing our Spiritual Development & our Psychological Growth.

This 10 days/9 nights retreat is designed to be a catalyst for both and  offers expert support in the realms of Spirit as well as Psyche.

Developing one without the other can easily lead to ‘spiritual bypassing’ and ‘living in your head’ or to feeling ruled by your emotions, plagued by Anxiety, Depression and Self-doubt.

Get Out of Your Own Way and Step into the Flow of Creation!


The Akasha retreat center is the perfect environment for deep healing immersions with indigenous leaders and plant medicines. Its lush vegetation, riversnatural pools and waterfalls perfectly integrate with spaces specially built for Medicine retreats.

The bungalows offer the comfort of an Eco-Resort.   The space also includes a HERBAL STEAM SAUNA with natural organic herbs from Akasha’s own garden.

All facilities on the land follow principles of bio-construction, for sustainability and integration with nature, and sacred geometry, to potentialize energetic flow. 

For more pictures and information about the center, the surrounding nature and the accommodations go HERE :>> KNOW MORE >>>


MERIANA DINKOVA is a Los Angeles based psychotherapist (MFT#45696), Life- Relationship Coach, speaker, Ayahuasca retreat organizer and workshop facilitator.

She has created a comprehensive system of psychological and neo-shamanistic tools, which she developed over the past 20+ years of working with the plant medicines, while studying and practicing a wide variety of psychotherapeutic modalities while absorbing the transpersonal teachings of different non-dualistic spiritual masters from different parts of the world.

Since 2013 Meriana has been organizing and facilitating Medicine retreats where she combines her framework of navigating altered states and optimizing the experience with the medicine work of experienced shamans

Meriana gives lectures and teaches workshops in the US and around the world, sharing the system she has developed at conferences, festivals and podcastS


Since time immemorial, the Yawanawa people have lived on the banks of the Gregorio river, in the Amazon rainforest, one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet. In this rich habitat, their ancestors developed a vast knowledge of the medicinal plants of the forest, as well as deep spiritual wisdom.

Contact with the western world occurred little more than a hundred years ago, under violent circumstances, initially through enslavement to the rubber industry, and later through the domination of foreign protestant missionaries who forbid their traditional culture and spirituality. At the end of the last century, the Yawanawa regained the rights to their lands and sent away the missionaries. Since then, they have been leading their own process of cultural and spiritual revival, which has crossed national boundaries and today enchants the world.


The Huni Kuin people, or “true people,” as they call themselves, live mostly in the Brazilian Amazon Basin, but their lands extend to the foot of the Andes in eastern Peru. The Huni Kuin are the largest indigenous population in the Brazilian state of Acre, currently living on twelve Indigenous reservations along seven different rivers

They had relatively late contact with the Western world, and despite decades of persecution during the rubber extraction years, they managed to maintain their traditional ways.

They continue to practice their sacred rituals and “pajelanças” (healing sessions) with their plant medicines. The traditional medicines of the Huni Kuin are of immense importance to their worldview, and the collective use of ayahuasca (“Nixi Pae”) has a prominent place in their spiritual practice.


Click below for more information on the participating shamans from both tribes:



Go HERE to find out about the different options> KNOW MORE >>>

ACT FAST Discount$2675 until Aug 10th

The Price fgoes up to $2875

$500 non-refundable Downpayment to Secure Your Spot

Deep Dive Package: – $3175 until Aug 10th 

This one is for the ones of you who are committed to making deep and lasting changes and want to make sure they integrate what has been learned into the way they operate in their life back home. It takes from 3 weeks to 3 months to break a habit or form a new one and getting the extra support during that time is very much encouraged.
Interested in going a level deeper? Get the most out of the transformative power of the experience and the expertise of the guides involved and get the extra support during and after the retreat to process and integrate what has shifted into your daily life! 
This package gives you extra support from Meriana before and after the retreat and includes an individual Counsel with the Chiefs
Proper Preparation and Integration Support can make a huge difference – go
for more info

The Price for the Deep Dive Package is $3175 until Aug 10th , $3375 between Aug 11 & Sept 10th and $3575 after then  

 If you are feeling called to come but are struggling with funds and have a hard time affording the full price, don’t hesitate to contact Meriana now. She is offering a few PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIPS to people who are committed to doing the work. Let Meriana know what your situation is and what is the most you can afford and request a scholarship application form. Text +1-415-7133338 or email merianadinkova@gmail.com

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. The retreat is limited to no more than 20 people, so participants can receive individual attention from the shamans and Meriana.

***Please contact Meriana BEFORE booking if you are on any antidepressants /SSRIs, are pregnant or have any serious medical conditions.***

If you have any questions or want to get a sense if that retreat is for you, contact Meriana directly at merianadinkova@gmail.com or message her to make a time to speak at +1-415-7133338

Reformat Your Being, Upgrade Your Operating System, Activate your Divine Spark and become the Designer & Programmer of your Reality!

Calling on the parts of you that long for Healing, Expansion and Connection and are Ready to Let Go of past traumas, ancestral burdens, self- sabotage and negative emotional patterns.

Also calling on your Inner ShamanHealer and Trans-Dimensional Jedi.

Activate your Gifts, Realize your Inner Power and the Beauty of your Essence and bring forth your Unique Magic!

To create change in the physical it has to first happen in the Spiritual!

The process is designed to facilitate deep healing, accelerated 

transformation and communion with Nature,Self and Other. It unfolds as a psychospiritual dance with the medicines, individual unfolding, group synergy and modern psychology modalities.

Let’s bring the essence of our being forth, connect with Gaia and the Spirit of Nature and use the power of the Medicine to heal, align and upgrade ourselves on the personal level and beyond.

Together with the keepers of the Ancient Medicine, we will co-weave prayers for the future of the Earth, Humanity, the Individual and Collective Self.

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Meriana Dinkova

Psychotherapist (MFT #45696), Life Coach, Dating -and Relationship Coach and Journey Preparation & Integration Guide